OCR and Document Scanning Services

Keeping a tab on the data collected of any customer is a difficult task. It is not easy to know and record everything you want to know about your prospective customer. Thus, Eoutsourcing India helps you keep a tab of the same. OCR and Document Scanning aid while dealing the customer, operator can scan all the essential documents in order to rightly preserve them in digital format. We extract images, or sometimes the whole book at an affordable cost and thus benefit our clients very well.

  • We are basically concerned with scanning all the required documents so that the client gets to easily locate, keep a record of every person it has dealt with.
  • We make use of OCR-Optical Character recognition which is the mechanical or electronic device used for conversion of scanned or other photographed images of typewritten or any other printed text into computer-readable text. All data is best saved through this software.
  • We are able to scan documents at 600 DPI
  • We best deal with small business owner, and we are also capable of delivering 1000 pages a day with quality substance of images and text

You might sometimes feel the need of being burdened with a lot of work. But there can be several reasons given which will make you outsource your work. It is done mainly when a small entrepreneur who wants to make it big but desires to do it in a cost-effective way. If there is any kind of failure then you can abort it on any other parallel a plus you don’t have to spend on the infrastructure and other complicated, miscellaneous expenditure. The good point is all this will be borne by the vendor with whom you are collaborating.

Thus, Eoutsourcing India has been a master in this act of outsourcing information for the clients and making life easier for them. Some of the reasons why you must look at us:-

  • It is always beneficial to hire a committed partner. Hiring us will be accepting a business vacation and thus we will be able to cover up the loss or faults of yours.
  • Our services used like OCR are very recent and updated. Thus there will be no issue in the output of work delivered.

Along with OCR and Document Scanning aid, many other things like Data entry, graphic editing, e-commerce services are also provided.

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