Outsource Image Data Entry Services to India

In the fast moving world, new companies are coming up every day. As companies keep expanding, the data that they deal with also grows exponentially. In this scenario, being able to access accurate and most up to date information decides the future of the company. Data entry is a critical task for all organizations. Off-shoring data entry is the best option here. Are you aiming at the effective utilizing those huge volumes of data stored in images format or in hard copies. Using Image data entry services, you can save your organization a lot of time and give your company a competitive edge. These services include:

  • Image capturing
  • Image sorting
  • Image keying & indexing
  • Image storage & retrieval
  • Catalogue data entry
  • Database files creation from images
  • Excel spread sheet data entry
  • Image conversion to x-HTML and tiff to Gif, JPEG, etc.
  • Scanned images data entry

Most of the time companies overlook the time spent on doing these jobs- in house. This way, they end up wasting a huge amount of time and resources. So, outsourcing Image data entry services to India is the best decision you can take. India has been considered the preferred destination for outsourcing. You can be rest assured that you will be given top quality services within your timeline. It will also ensure that you can stay within your prescribed budget. We at Eoutsourcingindia, can help you convert your data and information into well organized digitized format with our accurate services. We approach data entry with the aim to provide you with an enhanced information experience. We can capture your image data, key in and organize them in order of relevance and present them in an easily accessible format as per your requirements.

Why we are the best option to choose ?

  • We employ state-of-the art software & technology for our image data entry services
  • We have a well defined, tried and tested image data entry process
  • We can handle huge volumes of image data entry
  • We provide you with highly experienced professionals
  • You will get the dedicated services of a Project Manager to handle your project

Share your requirements with us and we shall revert within next 24 hours. We can assure you a fruitful & professional outsourcing relationship. Contact us through e-mail or phone.

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