Data Verification Services

Company verifies data procured from external sources, before it integrate the data for the master database. Incomplete and incorrect data can result in wastage of money and capital. So, company undergoes a robust database verification to support the database quality. In Data Verification, there is data check for inconsistencies and accuracy of data.

Work done under Data Verification Services:

  • Scrutinizes the information by manual verification method
  • Automatic verification method and cut Duplicate Mailings
  • Collect Data from various Sources with varying attributes to a robust client file
  • Identify Opportunities and New Revenue Sources for your company
  • Gives your company, a clear-cut idea of your greatest opportunity
  • Assure good data quality by right decision-making
  • Increase mail delivery and avoid unnecessary cost

Outsourcing benefits to the company:

Every company outsources Data Verification Services to top in the business. These outsourced Data Verification Services take at-most care during verification, identity the incorrect phone numbers and wrong mailing addresses and cross-check with multiple online sources. They name the incomplete data value and redundant data and save company’s money and capital.

About the company:

EoutsourcingIndia, verifies the accuracy in data during its translation from one source to another. We verify the procured data and ensure you with a high quality data, adherence and accuracy to prospects. We offer automatic data verification and manual data verification. Emails sent to recipients on the list and recipients who have less interest in mails can opt out email. We do manual data verification for this opted out emails.

Our company provides you:

  • Right fresh data
  • Research scholars in data verification
  • Detailed research on database information
  • Cross check with multiple online sources
  • Add human intelligence to the data and make data more competitive.

At EoutsourcingIndia, we offer you India’s data verification services at a sensible cost. To get benefited from our deliberate services for your company’s success, avail us at [email protected] or fill up and send the request quotation or dial us at +91-8929 077 227 and get the chance to make maximum profits in your business.

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